February POWerful Word – FRIENDSHIP – Week 1

What does the word “friendship” mean to you? Friendship can be a wonderful relationship between people– filled with fun, understanding, support and mutual interests. Who feels that they have at least one good friend? It’s not important to have lots of friends– what’s important is having at least 1 or 2 good, reliable friends who you like and who like you! Finish this sentence: “A good friend is someone who ______” (i.e. is kind, plays, listens)? Do YOUR friends show these qualities? Let’s call these qualities “friendship MAKERS”- since they help to “make” a friendship happen. Now, finish this sentence: “A good friend would NOT ______” (i.e. be mean behind your back, break a promise)? Let’s call these the “friendship BREAKERS” since they tend to break friendships apart. Describe the qualities of one of your closest friends. What does it mean to “trust” your friend (i.e. they follow through, they keep your secrets)? Can you have a friendship if there’s no trust? Friendship is based on mutual interest, care, respect & TRUST.

If you have time: What are the most important parts of being a friend? How do you show these qualities?