February POWerful Word – FRIENDSHIP – Week 1

What does the word “friendship” mean to you? Friendship can be a wonderful relationship between people– filled with fun, understanding, support and mutual interests. Who feels that they have at least one good friend? Finish this sentence: “A good friend ________” (i.e. is kind, plays with you, listens)? Do YOUR friends show these qualities? Finish this sentence: “A good friend would NOT ______” (i.e. be mean behind your back, break a promise)? Describe one of your closest friends. What does it mean to “trust” your friend (i.e. if they say they’ll do it- they will, they keep your secrets)? Can you have a friendship if you don’t trust the other person? How are you a good friend to your friends? Friendship us a relationship we choose based on mutual interest, care, respect, and trust. (Repeat).

If you have time: What are the most important parts of being a good friend? How do you show these qualities?