February POWerful Word – FRIENDSHIP – Week 2

Sometimes friends agree but other times friends disagree. When friends disagree, they may even get frustrated and angry with one another. Have you ever disagreed with a friend? When you disagree with a friend– can you still be friends? Sometimes we might behave in ways that make our friends feel annoyed- for example, making jokes about something your friend doesn’t find funny, bragging or being a sore loser. It’s important to respond to “stop signals” that tell us what we are doing is annoying. Do you know what stop signals are (i.e. ways to know that your friend wants you to stop doing something). Our friends may say, “stop!” or they may roll their eyes. When you notice a stop signal, part of being a good friend is to stop the annoying action right away (if possible). What can you say to yourself so that you stop (i.e. I’ll stop now, I should do something else)?

If you have time: If you have a disagreement with a friend- what can you do? You can: (1) Talk it out. Say how you feel and what you want, then listen. (2) Compromise: Do you know what this means? You give a little, s/he gives a little- then decide together. What else can you do?