February POWerful Word – FRIENDSHIP – Week 3

Good friends are loyal and can trust each other. What does the word “loyal” mean to you (i.e. stick by their side even when it’s hard). When you are loyal, you aren’t friends with someone one day and then NOT friends the next day. Who is a loyal friend to you? Loyal friends trust one another. What does “trust” mean (i.e. keep promises and your secrets) Do you have a friend who you can trust to keep your secrets, keep your promises and treat you kindly? In the following situations, what would a LOYAL friend do vs a DISLOYAL friend: (1) Someone is talking rudely behind your back; (2) S/he gets invited to another birthday party on the same day/time as yours- and she already told you s/ he’s going to yours; (3) Another student asks your friend to tell them something private/funny about you.

If you have time: Think of your friends. How do you show that you are loyal, kind and trustworthy?