February – POWerful Word – IMPULSE CONTROL – Week 1

What does impulse control look like? What does it look like when someone doesn’t have strong impulse control? If everyone did the first thing that popped into their heads, what would school be like? Traffic? When faced with a tough choice, remember S.T.E.P. (1) STOP. How? (i.e. take a break/breath) (2) THINK up some solutions. What are some? (3) EVALUATE using 4 questions; (a) Is it safe? (b) Is it fair? (c) Can it work? (d) Is it right for me? (4) PROCEED with the plan. Let’s think through a problem using S.T.E.P.. STOP- what’s the problem? Let’s say “we’re hungry.” THINK: What are some solutions that DON’T show self control (i.e. take a friend’s lunch, push our way to the front of the line at a store). Let’s EVALUATE those solutions (i.e. Safe? Fair? Work? Right one for me?). Should we PROCEED? What are some better solutions? Good!

If you have time: Go through S.T.E.P: (1) Someone took your ball on playground (2) Your room is a mess.