February POWerful Word – LOYALTY – Week 1

When you hear the word loyalty, what comes to mind (i.e. you trust them,
they are there for you)? In order to be able to rely, depend or count on anyone, there must be loyalty. Think about it; can you have a strong friendship or relationship with someone if the people involved aren’t loyal, don’t stand by each other and can’t depend on one another? No. When you are loyal, it means that you are faithful and committed and you have strong relationships that people count on and trust. Think of your close friends. How do they show their loyalty to you? Name one way that you have shown that your friends can depend on you to be there for them, stand by them and stick up for them (i.e. I stick up for my friend when someone is mean, on time, keep promises)? Do both people involved have to be loyal or only one- why? How do you show loyalty to family? Who in your family helps you when you feel scared or sad? Are YOU loyal?

If you have time: What promise have you made to friends? What do promises have to do with loyalty? Finish this sentence; “When I keep my promises to my friends…”