February POWerful Word – LOYALTY – Week 2

We are faced with loyalty dilemmas throughout our life. Loyalty isn’t always easy- especially if we have to choose between our values and our friends. So let’s think through these situations and determine which choice is the right one: (1) You are a loyal friend but one friend keeps making promises to you and then breaks them. What would you do- why? What does breaking/ keeping promises have to do with loyalty? (2) A friend is talking about your sibling behind his/her back. What would you do- why? But this friend didn’t “do” anything- just “said” something- is that really that bad to do? What does gossiping
or keeping secrets have to do with loyalty? Loyal people do not gossip. (3) You notice a friend is littering here in our school/gym everyday- throwing wrappers on the ground. What would you do- why? What does littering or keeping the school/gym clean have to do with loyalty? It’s great to be loyal to friends- but we must be loyal to our values too!

If you have time: What promise have you made to a person or place? Have you stayed loyal? Great!