February POWerful Word – LOYALTY – Week 3

Friends, brothers and sisters often share secrets that they don’t share with anyone else. Do you sometimes know things about your friends and family that nobody else knows? Some secrets can be fun– like when you are planning a surprise party for your parent, getting a present for a friend, or when your sibling is secretly hoping to land the role of captain of the team, president of the class, or lead in the show. Those kinds of secrets are OK not to tell. But sometimes, someone tells us something that makes us feel strange because it is unfair or
unsafe to someone. What would you do if you found out that (1) Your brother/sister was planning to run away; (2) Your friend was stealing or cheating (3) A teacher was doing something that was against the rules. What’s the difference between speaking up and ratting out? Can you still speak up and be loyal?

If you have time: This is a great time to talk about stranger danger and if an ADULT tells you not to tell.