February POWerful Word – LOYALTY – Week 4

There are many ways that we can show loyalty to others. Let’s talk about them. (1) We can show loyalty by being brave. How do you think bravery relates to being a loyal person? We need to be courageous if we are going to stand up for what we believe is right. We need to be brave when we stick up for our friends or family members. (2) We can show loyalty by refraining from gossip, lies and talking behind our friends’ backs. How can steering away from (or correcting) gossip show loyalty? How we speak about our friends, families, schools and communities is a telltale way of showing one’s loyalty or lack of loyalty. (3) We can show loyalty by staying committed to our friends, families, schools/gyms and communities even when it gets challenging. What does commitment have to do with loyalty? How do YOU show loyalty to your friends, family, school/gym or community?

If you have time: (4) We can show loyalty by keeping our promises. What promises have you made to others or have other people made to you that show their loyalty (i.e. come and see you in your performance/event, stick up for you)?