February POWerful Word – SELF-RELIANCE – Week 1

When we are able to rely on ourselves to get ready for our day in the morning, get our homework done, practice, get to sleep on time and more, we are showing “self-reliance.” What are some things that you do on your own (1) at school (2) at home (3) here in class? When we talk about selfreliance, we talk about “trusting ourselves.” What does that mean– what are we trusting ourselves to do (i.e. good choice, practice)? When we talk about showing self-reliance, we also talk about being able to rely on our own “judgments.” What does it mean to be able to “judge” something and what exactly are we trying to judge (i.e. right from wrong, healthy/ unhealthy, fair/unfair)? When do you have to make a judgment (1) with friends (i.e. gossip, choosing friends) (2) in school (i.e. cheating, listening) or (3) Here in class or at home? That’s great self-reliance!

If you have time: Why can’t we let others do everything for us-isn’t that easier? Why is self-reliance important?