February POWerful Word – SELF-RELIANCE – Week 3

There are many times when we don’t get something right the first time we try it. Sometimes we aren’t skilled in the activity yet, other times we lack the confidence we need to commit to the tasks. Still other times we just make a mistake. Do all people make mistakes? Yes– even adults! What do you do when you make a mistake after trying something on your own (i.e. try again, ask for help)? How many times do you think we need to try something before we should quit? Sometimes we need to try something over and over before we’re able to do it well. What is something you needed to try many times before doing it well (i.e. piano, walking)? How did you feel when you were trying to do [the skill] but it wasn’t working? What kept you working at it? How did it feel once it was achieved? Yes! If at first you don’t succeed…try, try again! (Repeat!)

If you have time: What do you think of “quitting” on your goal? What should you do if you get frustrated?