February POWerful Word – SELF-RELIANCE – Week 4

Since we are newly into 2014, and we are thinking about our goals, let’s talk about our self-reliance goals. Who can remind us what a goal is? A goal is something you aim to achieve–something you work on and go after until you achieve it. What is something you are working on that you would like to be able to do on your own without anyone’s help… (1) At home (2) In school (3) Here in class? How will you feel when these goals are achieved? Now, choose one of your self-reliance goals. What is your PLAN to make sure you achieve that goal– in other words, what are you going to DO so that you can achieve that goal (i.e. practice 15 minutes per day, get a tutor)? By when will you
achieve your self-reliance goal? Remember: Goals we set are goals we get! Great!

If you have time: If a friend wanted to master a skill so s/he could do it by herself, what would you advise her/ him to do? What if s/he was getting frustrated? Good!