February POWerful Words – Self Control – Week 2

Many people interrupt other people while they are busy. What does it mean to “interrupt?” What are some rude ways that people interrupt (i.e. hit, yell, stomp feet)? What are some
reasons we might interrupt someone (i.e. want/need something, ask a question, there’s a problem)? What should we say when we feel that we need to interrupt someone? Can we just say “excuse me” for any reason/at any time– or is there more to it? We have to wait for a pause in the conversation. Interrupting takes self control. When we interrupt, we need to watch; (1) Tone of voice (What is that? What should it be like? What shouldn’t it be like?) (2) Facial expression (What should it be like? What shouldn’t it be like? (3) Words we say (What should we say? What shouldn’t we say?). Let’s use self control!