February POWerful Words – Self Control – Week 3

Then say, everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Sometimes we do the first thing that pops into our heads and we don’t use self control. But just because we may have forgotten to use our self control earlier doesn’t mean we can’t use self control to fix the problem. When we make a mistake, what’s the first thing we need to do? Apologize with sincerity meaning, apologize like you mean it! Is it easy to apologize or does it take courage and self control to apologize? Can we just use any tone of voice and body language when we apologize- is screaming “SORRY!”
an OK way to apologize? Whether we did something by accident or we just made a bad choice, we need to admit what we did wrong and say we’re sorry. What does a real apology sound like if you (1) Yell at a friend; (2) Spill juice on the floor (3) Take something that doesn’t belong to you. Good job!