February POWerful Words – Self Control – Week 4

We all know that stealing is wrong. But as we get older, we usually want more and more stuff– stuff that costs money! We see clothes, games and gadgets advertised everywhere we look.
What is something you really want? Sometimes people want something so badly that they are tempted to steal it. What does self control have to do with stealing? What are the consequences of stealing? We must use self control to keep us from stealing. What can we say to ourselves to keep us from taking something that doesn’t belong to us (i.e. it’s not OK to steal, don’t do it)? What can we do instead of stealing (i.e. work for it, ask for it)? Has anyone ever stolen from you? Can we trust people who steal from us? We can also use self control to keep us from acting out in an inappropriate way. What does self control AND no self control look like (1) At a restaurant (2) At school (3) In our class? Good job!