Fitness Challenge Nutrition Tip #8: Junk Food

When It Is Junk Food Time, Don’t Overdo it

Being a healthy eater does not mean that you must never, ever again enjoy tasty treats that may not be good for you. That would be no fun. In fact, it’s important for you to enjoy your favorite foods from time to time, even if they aren’t healthy; the trick is to not overindulge. If you love chocolate cake, enjoy it from time to time. Just be sure to enjoy it less often and in smaller portions. As we’ve discussed in earlier tips, you’ll probably enjoy a smaller portion more because you are more likely to be mindful of every last bite.

Most of us don’t have the willpower to do this without putting together a clear plan ahead of time. There are several things you can do to put this plan into action. One way is to set aside one day a week for junk food. Perhaps you decide to only eat junk food from Saturday evening to Sunday evening. This would mean that for the rest of the week you avoid that chocolate cake. But you’ll be able to do it, because in the back of your mind you can look forward to enjoying a small portion this upcoming weekend completely guilt free. This alone will often help keep your willpower strong.

Another strategy is to pick one time every day when you are going to allow yourself to have a small portion of that favorite junk food. Then be sure stick to your plan. And don’t forget the word “small”. This is crucial to your long-term success.

Remember, when you are following a predetermined plan and it is time for you to enjoy a little junk food, don’t feel guilty, as it defeats the purpose. Instead, enjoy yourself and move on.

Finally, remember you can eat anything you want within reason once in a while, but not everything you want any time.