Fitness Challenge Nutrition Tip #9: Eliminate

Eliminate or Reduce Something Unhealthy From Your Diet

This is the last tip of the challenge. Hopefully, for the last five weeks you stretched yourself a bit and developed some new, healthier eating habits. And hopefully, these are habits you can keep as you move forward in your life. This last tip might be the hardest challenge of all… or it could be the easiest. It all depends on you. Your challenge is to find something in your diet that is less than healthy and, for the next seven days, completely eliminate it.

Fortunately, science has taught us that it is much easier to replace a bad habit than it is to totally just eliminate it. For example, if you decide to completely eliminate chocolate cake from your diet next week, and if you are used to eating it at eight o’clock every evening, you might try eating an apple at that time instead of eating nothing at all. This will make the process of eliminating the chocolate cake much easier.

Remember, you don’t have to pick from the junk food list. There are probably lots of things that you eat during breakfast, lunch or dinner that you would be better off without. You might consider eliminating something like bacon, hamburger, sour cream, mayonnaise, etc. Remember, it’s a challenge, so try to stretch yourself. It’s only for a week, so pick something that may not be easy.

At the end of the week you can re-evaluate. You’ll probably find that it was easier than you thought so you might choose to reduce it or completely eliminate it from your diet as you go forward.