Adult 5-Week “Healthy Holidays” Fitness Challenge

Adult 5-Week “Healthy Holidays” Fitness Challenge

Monday 11/15 – Saturday 12/18

  • Free to all AMA Parents and Adult Students.
  • $59.00 for non-AMA parents/students.
  • Already enrolled in Muay Thai Kickboxing? Bring a friend for free!

Researchers believe that the majority of weight the average person gains every year (1-2lbs) happens during the holidays. And, those one to two pounds every year add up! A 30-year-old who weighs 150 pounds may weigh 170 at age 40, 190 at age 50 and 210 at age 60! We have a solution:

The #1 Secret for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain: Stay Active!

People who reported that they were more active during the holidays did not gain weight! So…we are taking the basic format of our 5-Week Fitness Challenge and improving it based on your feedback.

Challenge participants will attend a 45 or 60 minute Muay Thai Kickboxing class at least 1x/week. We will also supply optional at home workouts for 2-3 days/week and nutritional guidelines to help you succeed. Participants will be encouraged to track their progress in individual notebooks. We are adding a ton of class times for your convenience:

Day Time Instructor
Monday & Wednesday 9:30-10:15am Mr. Herrman & Mateo 🙂
Monday *Advanced Only! 8:15-9:15pm Mr. Mike Murray
Tuesday & Thursday 12:00-1:00pm Ms. Kristin
Tuesday & Thursday 8:15-9:15pm Ms. Kristin
Saturday 9:00-10:00am Ms. Caitlin