January POWerful Word – EMPATHY – Week 1

When we look at a person’s face, we can often tell how they are feeling. Let’s take a look at these pictures (#1 and #2 OR make a happy face). How are these people feeling? How can you tell (i.e. corners of their mouths are up and their eyes are closed a little.) But what if someone is “faking it” and isn’t really happy– how might you know (i.e. tone of voice, eyes not smiling)? Have you ever seen someone “fake” a smile? Why would someone do that? How are these people feeling (show #3, #4, #5 OR make a sad face)? How do you know (i.e. corner of mouth down, crying, eyes sad/down). Why is it so important to be able to “read” people’s faces? When we know how someone feels, we can respond and help them. How can we incorporate empathy into our goal- setting this year- what are some goals that can help others as well as ourselves (i.e. team/community)?

If you have time: How can empathy help someone be a good friend? A good teacher? A good leader? Yes!