January POWerful Word – Empathy – Week 1

Are you ready to be a detective? We are going to look at some people’s faces and see if we can figure out how they are feeling. Did you know that we can look at someone’s face and body and figure out how that person is feeling? When we are really good at figuring out how people feel, we are showing empathy. Let’s be a detective now! (make a happy face).How is this person feeling? How do you know? (i.e. You can see that the corners of the mouth is up in a smile, eyes are closed a little). When have you seen a happy face like this? When do you feel
happy? Now let’s look at these pictures (make a sad face). How are these people feeling? How do you know (i.e. corners of their mouth are down in a frown, crying) How do you feel when a friend is sad? When you feel what someone else feels– whether happy or sad- you’re using empathy. If you have time: What can you do or say to help someone who is feeling sad? That’s great empathy!