January POWerful Word – EMPATHY – Week 2

As we get older, we become better at using empathy. We don’t just look at someone and see how they are feeling, but also look at the situation and figure out how someone is GOING to feel. When we make a guess about how someone is going to feel, we are making a prediction. What are we making? A prediction! Have you ever predicted how someone was going to feel before giving them a gift or telling them something? Let’s predict. (1) Lyla just moved. She will be going to a new school tomorrow. How do you think she’ll feel? How can you help? (2) Dan is about to hear that his little brother is being bullied at school. How do you think Dan will feel? If you were his friend, how could you help? (3) Emma is about to walk into a surprise party for her birthday. How will she feel? You’re predicting! How is predicting helpful to us?

If you have time: Turn to a partner. Have them run through facial expressions. Did you name them all?