January POWerful Word – Empathy – Week 2

First, go over the meaning of the word and points written above. Then say, a good “feelings” detective can figure out how someone feels just by looking at them. A GREAT feelings detective can also figure out how a person WILL feel by looking at the clues around them. It’s called “predicting” (repeat)! When we predict feelings, we imagine how someone WILL feel before it happens. Let’s try it. (1) Jenna wants Ben’s toy. She is about to grab it. How do you think Ben WILL feel? (2) Jade is having a birthday party. Her friend, Eve, can’t go. How do you think Jade WILL feel when Eve tells her the news? (3) Paul is going to see the doctor. The doctor will give him a shot. How do you think Paul will feel? (4) Ty planned a party for his friend, Emma. How do you think Emma will feel when she finds out? (5) Dan and Isy have been practicing their skills at home. They are about to show their teacher. How do you think their teacher will feel? Predicting is part of having good empathy skills!