January POWerful Word – EMPATHY – Week 3

When we make a choice, we affect more than just ourselves. What does that mean? For every action that we make, there is a consequence of that action. Sometimes we make a choice and it makes people feel good– other times we make a choice and it makes other people feel bad. What actions might we make that would make someone feel happy (i.e. hug, include a new friend, share lunch)? What have you done that made someone feel happy? What might someone do that could make another person feel sad (i.e. gossip, leave out)? Angry (i.e. push, grab, not listen)? Why is it important to know how our actions could affect another person before we make a choice? How can we use this knowledge of how our actions affect others in setting goals and being a leader? Is it possible to always make others happy?

If you have time: What can you do to put a smile on someone’s face at (1) Home (2) School (3) Here in class?