January POWerful Word – Empathy – Week 3

Every time we speak or behave in a certain way, our behavior can make people feel something– happy, sad, angry, scared, or some other kinds of feelings. What is something we
can do or say that can make someone else feel happy (i.e. smile at them, give a gift, tickle them, say ‘I love you’)? What is something we might say or do that can make someone feel surprised (i.e. sneak up on them)? Is there something a person can do or say that might make someone else feel sad (i.e. say I don’t like you, not include them)? Angry (i.e. hit, shove, take a toy)? Scared? When we make a choice, whether its a good choice or a bad choice, it can make another person feel something; happy, sad, angry, surprised or something else! When we can imagine how someone feels, we are showing…empathy! If you have time: What have you done to make someone smile and feel happy (1) At home? (2) At school (3) Here in class? We can make the difference!