January POWerful Word – Empathy – Week 4

Listening shows you care about people’s feelings! Do you like it when people listen to you? How do you know if I’m listening- where do I look and what is my body doing (i.e. not fidgeting)? Who do you listen to? Who listens to you? (1) Sophie is talking at the same time as the teacher. Is she listening (i.e. can’t talk & listen at the same time)? (2) Jake asked
Ty 3 times if Ty could help him build a block tower. Ty is watching TV. Is Ty listening? (3) Jay’s brother, Tom, is nodding and watching while Jay is telling him about how to make his bed. Is Tom listening? How do you know (i.e. nodding/watching)? (4) Ali’s teacher asked the class if someone can help clean up. Ali asks her teacher, “how can I help?” Do you think Ali was listening? How do you know (i.e. asked to help)? It’s important to listen to others when they’re talking! If you have time: Listening game! Ask; “What’s your favorite color” to class and ask another student to listen and recall as many as possible. Food? Animal?