January POWerful Word – GOAL-SETTING – Week 1

Someone remind me, what does it means to have a goal (i.e. something you want to achieve, do or become)? Do you have a goal? Over the next month, let’s see if we can make that goal “S.M.A.R.T.E.R.” First, let’s look at the “S” in S.M.A.R.T.E.R.- which stands for is Specific and Short Term. By specific we want to know– what do you REALLY want? And by short term, we mean, you don’t want this goal to go on and on- aiming for “someday” or a day far into the future. Instead, you want to aim for a goal in the next few weeks or months. Why is it important to make our goals “short term?” You can even break big, long-term goals into short-term pieces. So- what can you aim for in the next 3 months rather than in the next 3 years? Put it into this structure: “I want to do what by when?” Let’s repeat that! Now let’s go around to volunteers and fill in the blanks- I want to _____ by _____ (i.e. I want to know my routine/form/skill by March 1st). Goals we get are goals we get! (Repeat!)

If you have time: What, ultimately, are some of your long term goals? Have you broken those up into smaller, specific, short-term pieces? What are they?