January POWerful Word – GOAL-SETTING – Week 2

Goals also need to be explicit- meaning that we can imagine them so vividly that it’s as if they have already been achieved. To do this, we’ll use Dr. Robyn Silverman’s system: See it, Sense, it, Say it, Believe it, Achieve it. First, think of the end of your goal– that moment of glory when everything has been achieved. Close your eyes. Think about what it would look like to achieve your goal. What would you see at the moment you achieved your goal (i.e. finish line, grade/score on a test)? Who would you see at the moment you achieved your goal? What would you hear (i.e clapping, coach/teacher/parent)? Taste? How would you feel? Open your eyes. Now describe your goal as if we were all there. The more you can see it, sense it, say it and believe it, the closer you are to achieving it! You can even create a vision board and cut out pictures to help you visualize it better. Get clear, then steer towards your goal!

If you have time: Call someone up to imagine their vision out loud. You can even role play them achieving their goal & the audience cheering!