January POWerful Word – GOAL-SETTING – Week 3

Sometimes goals can be difficult to achieve because we allow bad attitude, laziness or fears to get in the way. Let’s talk about barriers or the “Sneaky Ps.” (1) Procrastination: Have you heard this word? It means putting off for tomorrow what can be done today. How can procrastination get in the way of a goal? (2) Projection (Blame): What is “blame?” Let’s say Joe’s goal is to learn how to play a song on the piano. He has forgotten his song book and he blames his mother for not reminding him to bring it with him. How can blaming others get in the way of achieving our goals? WE have to take responsibility! (3) Panic: Panic is when we allow fears to get in the way of action. How can fear get in the way of goals? (4) Pessimism: What’s that? It means BAD attitude! How can bad attitude get in the way of goals?

If you have time: What would you say if your friend had a bad attitude while he tried to achieve his goal?