January POWerful Word – GOAL-SETTING – Week 4

When we are working hard on our goals, it’s important to know that we are making progress. Can everyone say “progress?” Progress means that we are moving forward in the direction of our goal. We can track our progress if our goal is measurable. We can track how many pages we’ve read in a book, how much of a form or routine we have committed to memory or how many seconds we’ve shaved off of a sprint time. Let’s try some more: (1) A team wants to track their progress as they prepare for a competition. What are some ways to track progress on different teams? (2) A charity wants to track progress as they prepare to give holiday packages to needy families. (3) Think about YOUR goal. How can you know you are making progress and getting closer to your goal? Why do you think it’s so important to track progress on the way to your goal?

If you have time: (4) You want to save enough money by May to buy yourself a toy you’ve had your eye on for months. What would it be? How do you know you are making progress and saving money?