January POWerful Word – GOAL-SETTING – Week 4

It’s so exciting when we achieve our goals, isn’t it? When we achieve our goals, instead of moving on to the next goal right away, it’s important to celebrate our success and effort. Why do you think it’s important to celebrate after we achieve our goal instead of just moving on to the next goal on our list (i.e. celebrations keep us motivated and mark our effort)? A celebration can come in the form of a big party or a simple little moment when you hug your friend, do a little dance or take a short walk with a friend. Think of a goal you have achieved– how did you celebrate your success and effort and with whom did you celebrate? Now think of your current goal: How do you plan to celebrate after you achieve it? Who will be there? What do you think they’ll do or say to you? Great!

If you have time: How have you helped a friend or a family member celebrate goal achievement in the past? What did you say/do? How did that make them feel?