January POWerful Word – GOAL-SETTTING – Week 1

Someone remind me, what does it means to have a goal (i.e. something you want to achieve, get better at, become)? What is one of the goals that you have worked on here, in school or at
home that you have achieved in the past (i.e. clean room, pass a test, win a competition)? A goal that you are working to achieve now is called a “short-term goal” — it won’t take a long time to achieve. What is it called? Short-term goal! What is a short-term goal that you’re working on right now? Do any of you have a goal for what you want to be when you grow up (i.e. teacher, doctor, scientist)? Goals that you are looking to achieve far in the future are called “long term goals.” What are they called? Long-term goals! What does it take to achieve a goal (i.e. will,
commitment)? When you have a goal you need to use goal-setting so you know how to get there!

If you have time: What are some short term and long term goals that you are going after here in this class?