January POWerful Word – HEALTH – Week 1

When you hear the word “healthy” what comes to mind? Healthy people make lots of different healthy choices. Give me some examples: (i.e. eat healthy foods, drink water, exercise, get enough sleep)? What comes to mind when you hear the word “unhealthy” (i.e. feel sick, smoking, too much sugar)? Do certain people get sick more than others? Every once in a while we might not feel our best, but there are ways to make sure that we stay healthy most of the time. Why do you think health is such an important part of being a good (1) student, (2) teacher and (3) leader? How does your body and your brain work when you feel healthy vs when you feel sick? When our bodies and minds are working well, we can do our jobs better! When our bodies and minds are unhealthy, our brains have trouble focusing on our tasks and goals and our bodies may not perform very well! How do you feel right now? Repeat after me: My body is strong, my brain is sharp and I feel good! Health means: “Wellbeing of body, mind and spirit!”

If you have time: When was the last time you were sick? What helped you to feel better?