January POWerful Word – HEALTH – Week 3

Who wants to be a powerful, healthy student and leader with energy and focus? Yes! To be a powerful student and leader, it’s not only important to get a good night’s sleep and eat nutritious foods, we also must…exercise our bodies every day. What are some ways to exercise (i.e. run, play outside, participate in our class)? Exercise can help our bones, our muscles, and even our internal organs like our heart and lungs. What happens if we don’t exercise our bodies and brains? How can exercise help your heart (i.e. heart pumping- strengthens your heart muscle so it can pump blood to your body. Then more blood flows to your muscles & oxygen levels in blood rise)? How can exercise help build your muscles (i.e. gets them to work hard so they get strong)? Think of one of the exercises you love to do. What parts of your body are you helping when you do that exercise (i.e. legs, arms, lungs, heart)? Exercise keeps us healthy!

If you have time: How do you feel when you don’t exercise? How often should you exercise?