January POWerful Word – INITIATIVE – Week 1

Initiative is the powerful word that takes an idea, a job or a goal and puts it into action. Does the word “Initiative” remind you of any other words that sound the same (i.e. initiate- to start, initial- the beginning letter that starts your name, ignition- to start the car)? Initiative is all about STARTING– the first purposeful actions that get you to where you need to go. Why do we say that the actions must be purposeful? You can’t just take any action– you must take the right actions that move you forward. When you take initiative, you are a self- starter– what does that mean (i.e. no one needs to remind, nag, ask you to do it)? How (and on what) do you show initiative at home (i.e. homework, cleaning room, getting up & ready in morning)? On what new task can you take initiative at home THIS month?

If you have time: How can YOUR initiative at home help others in your family? What might they say?