January POWerful Word – INITIATIVE – Week 2

Please remind me what it means to have a “goal.” A goal is something we want to do, learn or achieve– something we are willing to put consistent work into doing until it is completed. Who is ready to work on their 2020 goal? What is your goal? All goals must be S.M.A.R.T.E.R. which stands for (1) S- Short-term: Try to set goals you can achieve within a short amount of time– not far into the future- even if you have to break a large goal down into smaller parts! What is your goal
for the next week, month, quarter or year? (2) M- Measureable: How can you measure progress–like cutting 3 seconds off your race time or increasing your kick height by 1 inch? (3) A- Agreed Upon: Who will help you? Who will teach you? Who will drive you? (4) R- Realistic: Can you do it in the amount of time allotted? (5) T- Time bound: When will you start? End? (6) E- Explicit: Can you see & feel yourself achieving it in your mind? Describe that moment! (7) R- Room for mistakes: You will make mistakes- and that’s okay! So tell us: when will you start? How often will you work on it? Are you ready to show initiative?

If you have time:Who will volunteer to go through S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goal-setting now using THEIR goal?