January POWerful Word – INITIATIVE – Week 3

Even though we all have goals and jobs that we want to complete, barriers can get in the way of achieving or completing them. Today let’s admit what can get in the way of our initiative or our momentum (what keeps us going). (1) Fear: How can fear get in the way of taking initiative– what might scare us (i.e. fear of success– more is expected of us, fear of failing, fear of falling)? What would you say to a friend who was scared of failing– of not being able to achieve his/her goal and so was afraid to try? (2) Procrastination: Do you know what it means to procrastinate? When we procrastinate, we keep putting off for tomorrow what can be done today. How can procrastinating get in the way of taking initiative? (3) Waiting for the perfect time, perfect situation, perfect weather to start: How can waiting for everything to be perfect get in the way of taking initiative? What gets in your way? Start now! Today! (4) Comparison: This is worry that you won’t be as good as someone else who has already achieved the goal. What can you say to yourself about this?

If you have time:What is a goal or job that you can start TODAY? How can you get rid of barriers?