January Powerful Word – VISION – Week 2

This week, we’re talking about further clarifying our vision (and helping others to do the same) by making visioning not just about what you see, but rather, a full sensory experience. As Dr. Robyn Silverman has said; “Vision is a misnomer. Great vision
does not just engage the eyes– but rather, all the senses that continually assure us that our goals are right within reach.”
When we create vision, we need to imagine what we hear, feel, and in some cases even smell and taste once our goals are achieved. How can this kind of imagination help others to further develop their vision? How can it assist us? This week, your Powerful Thought Assignment is to further develop your vision by taking a tour through your senses. What did you discover? Who can you help to do the same? How can this kind of visioning affect commitment?