July POWerful Word – ACCOUNTABILITY – Week 1

Let’s talk about choices. Whenever we make a choice, we are saying “I am accountable for my choice.” So, if we choose to show up late for class, we are accountable. If we choose
to study for a test, we are accountable for how much time we put in and how hard we work. If we choose to commit to being on a team, we are accountable for practicing, working together, and our attitude when we are demonstrating or competing. We make the choice, we are accountable. What choices do\you make in your life (i.e. studying, gossip)? Now- Everyone makes mistakes– Let’s say that together! The important thing is not the mistake but rather, how we respond and act when we make a mistake. Some people try to brush off accountability by blaming others. What do we need to do if we make a mistake (i.e. Say “My mistake!” or “Sorry,” fix it)? That’s accountability!

If you have time: When we blame others for our mistakes, what does that tell other people about us?