July POWerful Word – ACCOUNTABILITY – Week 3

Today let’s talk about exactly what we should do when we make a mistake so that we can be accountable. The first thing we need to do is look back at the mistake, admit it, and see exactly what happened. We need to ask ourselves 2 specific questions: “What did I do?” and “What happened when I did that?” For example, let’s say you came to class today and forgot your bag//uniform. You weren’t able to participate in class and others in the class were angry or upset. Let’s answer the questions: “What did you do” (i.e. forgot my bag)? “What happened when you did that” (i.e. people were upset, didn’t get to participate)? Let’s try a few more: (1) You didn’t study for the quiz (2) You yelled at your parents (3) You didn’t clean up your mess.
Answering these questions is part of accountability!