July POWerful Word – ACCOUNTABILITY – Week 4

Accountability is a BIG part of goal setting and achieving our goals. Can someone remind us what a goal is? A goal is something we really want to put work into and achieve. Whether
your goal is to win a contest, get top grades, learn a skill, be a doctor, or read 10 books over your vacation, a goal is something you are passionate about right now. It takes drive and determination to achieve our goals– but it also takes accountability. When we set a specific goal, we need to be able to ask ourselves our action questions; “What can I do (to achieve my goal)?” and “By when can I do it?” So someone who wants to learn a skill may promise to practice 3 times per week starting this week. Let’s try it with our goals. First, someone please name your current goal. Great! Answer the action questions for that goal– what can you do and by when can you do it?

If you have time: Can you achieve a goal without accountability? Why or why not?