July POWerful Word – DETERMINATION – Week 1

What is a goal? A goal is something you want to do, learn or achieve- and something you are willing to see through until the end. Do you have a goal- what is it? Determined people have a purpose- a reason- that they want to achieve their goal. WHY do you want to achieve your goal? Determined people also have the will to keep on going even when their goal is tough to achieve. Who here won’t give up? Let’s talk about what determined people do, think & feel. Remember the ABC’s of Determination. Act, Believe, Commit! Determined people ACT. They don’t sit around making excuses. What actions are YOU taking? Determined people BELIEVE in themselves. Do you believe you can achieve your goal? Determined people COMMIT. They see their goals through to the end. So what are the ABCs of Determination? Act! Believe! Commit!

If you have time: What are you determined to do now? How do you show your determination?