July POWerful Word – DETERMINATION – Week 1

What is a goal? Sometimes people go after a goal with great determination. They are driven. They don’t give up and they put in effort even when they are tired or frustrated. Have you
ever felt “determined” to do something or achieve something– what was it? What did you do that showed determination? Did you quit? Determined people think in a determined way, feel determination in their bodies and act determined in their actions. When determined people say they are going to do something they do it! When it comes to a goal they set, determined people 1. (point to your head) Think they can do it 2. (hand on your heart) Feel they can do it 3. (point outward towards a fictitious finish line) And then go do it!  That’s determination!
Are you a determined person?

If you have time: What are you determined to do now? How do you show your determination? Well done!