July POWerful Word – DETERMINATION – Week 2

Determined people set goals and go after them. These goals need to be SPECIFIC and they need to have a DEADLINE. I’ll give you an example. We don’t want to set a goal that’s all wishy-washy like “I want to get better at math.” We want to be specific! We might say; “I want to get 10 points higher on my math test” or “I want to get every math problem correct on my next homework assignment.” You see the difference?
We also want to give our goal a deadline. Do you know what I mean by a deadline? It’s when you will be DONE with the goal. So we want to achieve this goal…by when? By next week? In 2 months? Let’s
try another. Instead of saying “I want to be a better student here in our class” what can we say that’s more specific (I want to learn XYZ skill and demonstrate it for the class). By when? What’s YOUR specific goal?

If you have time: What is one thing you can do to make sure you reach your goal (i.e. practice)?