July POWerful Word – DETERMINATION – Week 3

Think of the people you know. Everyone’s good at different activities and skills– whether it’s art, sports, math, or spelling. What are you good at doing? This is called a “strength” because you are strong in that area. When we are strong in a certain area, does that mean that we don’t need to work at it? Can we be lazy and just sit around? No! Each one of our strengths is lik a muscle– we need to keep working them so they get stronger and stronger! What can you do to get stronger in the things that you consider a strength (i.e. practice, ask for help)? If 2 people are running a race- – one is very strong in running but never practices and isn’t very determined and one isn’t as strong in running but practices a lot and is determined to win– who might win and why? Determination wins!

If you have time: What are the strengths of your family members (i.e. cooking, fixing)? Friends?