July POWerful Word – DETERMINATION – Week 4

When we are determined and practice, there are good “consequences.” What do I mean by “good consequences?” Consequences are the results of your actions. If you work hard and stay determined, typically good things happen. If you stay determined here in class, what is likely to happen (i.e. move up a level, master the skill)? If you stay determined in school, what is likely to happen (i.e. get the grade, feel confident, earn respect from teachers/ students)? Good consequences typically come from good effort and strong determination. Think of your goal. You make progress towards your goal when you stay determined and put in the effort. Remember, we said ABCs of Determination are Act, Believe, Commit. How are you doing that now? Awesome!

If you have time: Sometimes we need to sacrifice “fun” to work on our goals (i.e. practice instead of going to the party). Have you had to do that? Is it worth it? Why or why not?