July POWerful Word – EXCELLENCE – Week 1

What does the word “excellence” mean to you? When we strive for excellence, we strive for our personal best– always working hard to better ourselves, our skills, our perseverance so that we can keep improving. Some people are striving for excellence in school or art or sports or band or here in class. In what area of life are you working really hard towards your personal best? Awesome! Now, I want to ask you an important question– Is excellence about being perfect? What makes you say that? Sometimes it might seem like excellence and perfection are the same thing– but they are not. People who are striving for excellence will make mistakes, fail, learn, pick themselves back up and try again– they are not perfect– they just KEEP STRIVING. They keep working hard, learning and growing so that they can reach their potential. I want you to ask yourself each morning, how can I be the most excellent version of myself today? Then, do that. The powerful word of the month is excellence!

If you have time: As a leader, how is striving for excellence important? How can you inspire others to strive for excellence and their own personal best?