July POWerful Word – EXCELLENCE – Week 2

One area in which we can strive towards excellence is strengthening our brains. We can help to expand our minds, grow our knowledge and make ourselves…smarter! Today let’s talk about how we can do that. We can strive towards excellence and strengthen our brain power by (1) Asking good questions. How can asking good questions help you to strive towards excellence and make your brain stronger? When we are curious about what we are learning, what we don’t know, what we’d like to know- and we ask good questions, we get answers that expand our minds. Some might interview someone about their life growing up or in a different country. Others might research the solar system or how to build a model car or what too much sugar does to the body. What questions do you like to investigate? How do you investigate the answers? (2) Learn something new: When we challenge ourselves to learn something new, we expand our brains! Each time we fail and try again, we are striving for excellence AND strengthening our brains! What new skills are YOU learning?

If you have time: When the job we are doing is tough, can we complain? What can we say instead?