July POWerful Word – EXCELLENCE – Week 4

Another way we can strive for excellence is by taking really good care of our bodies. Why is this so important? We can strive for physical excellence- having great health, getting stronger, getting more flexible and feeling excellent as well. What are some ways we can do that? Let’s talk more about some of the ways: (1) Nourishing our bodies with good food. What are some foods that nourish our bodies (i.e. veggies, fruit, protein)? How can nourishing food help our bodies? What kinds of nourishing foods do YOU put into your body? What foods make you feel more sluggish or ill? (2) Exercising our bodies. How can exercising our bodies help us? Exercise makes us strong. Makes us what? Strong! Exercise makes us flexible. Makes us more what? Flexible! How does exercise help us strive for excellence (i.e. can do more skills, get better, feel stronger)? We must treat our bodies like a best friend- why do I say that? When we treat our bodies right– our bodies do right by us! Repeat!

If you have time: Your friend wants to feel stronger and healthier- she doesn’t do any exercise- and asks for your advice- what would you say?