July POWerful Word – MENTAL STRENGTH – Week 1

School, friends, activities and life don’t always go the way we want it to, does it? Some people crumble when life doesn’t go their way– but not us, right? We stay strong in our brains. This mental strength is very useful. You see, sometimes, we make the team– and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we do well on a project in school, and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes our friends make us angry, people we love move away and sadly, our pets die. When we use our mental strength, we can cope with whatever life hands us- even when it’s challenging. Mentally strong kids can bounce back from failure. What can mentally strong kids do? Bounce back from failure! Mentally strong kids can cope when things go wrong! What can they do? Cope when things go wrong! Mentally strong kids are brave, confident go-getters– and you are mentally strong kids, aren’t you? Yes! Have you ever done something difficult or tried again when things didn’t go right the first time? That’s mental strength!

If you have time: Why do you think it’s important that we try again when things don’t go right the first time? What happens if we quit?