July POWerful Word – MENTAL STRENGTH – Week 2

Having feelings is part of being a human being. Everyone has a full range of emotions– what are some the emotions we may feel (i.e. happy, sad, scared, surprised, disgusted, angry, hurt)? Mentally strong people have emotions- but instead of being controlled by their feelings like being so angry that they punch people or so sad they don’t get out of bed– they stay in control of their feelings to make themselves feel better. What do you do to help yourself feel better when you are sad or angry? To stay in control of feelings we: (1) Name them. What do we do? Name them! (2) Next, mentally strong people claim their feelings. Say “claim them!” They admit that they are sad, angry, scared, frustrated, lonely or whatever else they are feeling! (3) Finally, they tame their feelings. Say “tame them! They do something about them. Think of a time when you were sad, scared or angry. Use name it, claim it, tame it to tell us how you felt and what you did about it. You showed mental strength!

If you have time: What advice do you have for a friend who was scared of bugs? Angry at her friend?